Best Shakespeare Websites

Folger Digital Texts
There are plenty of places on the Internet to find clean texts of Shakespeare’s plays, but this is the best. Using the texts from their terrific Folger Library Shakespeare series, they’ve made 38 plays and 4 poems available online to download or copy.

Places To See Shakespeare Performed Near You
These plays were meant to be seen live. And chances are someone is putting on one of Shakespeare’s plays close to where you live. This constantly-updated site lists theaters across the world that specialize in performing Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s Words
The best online glossary to all the strange, confusing, and beautiful words that appear in Shakespeare’s works. Based on David and Ben Crystal’s incredible book, also called Shakespeare’s Words, it lets you look up any word instantly. It even features full-text editions of the plays with the definitions linked in!

Internet Shakespeare Editions
Want to see what Shakespeare’s plays looked like when they were originally published? This is a great site for comparing quarto to folio, and how words and spellings changed from text to text.

An excellent clearing house for all things Shakespeare. It includes reviews of productions from all over, as well as discussion forums and resources for students.

Shakespeare Online
Looking for a Shakespeare homework helper? This site features everything from historical background to Shakespeare’s original sources to useful study guides. A great starting place.

The Shakespeare Standard
A true grab bag of Shakespeare on the web. It hosts everything from original articles to Shakespeare news and reviews to newsletters and educational resources.

Notes From The Shakespeare Industrial Complex
An essay I wrote a few years back for a production at Duke. My thoughts on why Shakespeare is produced so often, and why those productions can be so confusing or boring. A little bit of a manifesto.

Chop Bard
The Shakespeare podcast most similar to this one. It focuses more on character, theme and action, while Clear Shakespeare focuses more on language.